The Klindex Super Concrete System

It can be exhausting to grind and polish a concrete surface without making use of a coating; however, the Klindex super concrete makes the process both fast and efficient. Groundbreaking research in the construction industry reveals that it is possible to transform a typical concrete floor into a damage resistant, hygienic and amazing looking floor.

Numerous factories and manufacturing firms across the globe are now embracing the system in both commercial and domestic apartments.

Qualities of the super concrete system

• High resistance and improved abrasion
• Stain proof
• Ability to resist wear and tear from foot traffic, and movement of heavy equipment such as forklifts
• Smooth and flat surface
• High hygienic standards with zero VOC emissions
• A broad range of visual appearance and finishes

The durable floor solution

Klindex flooring systems are ideal for covering up vintage floor systems. This procedure will significantly boost the strength and longevity of your remodelled floor. The super concrete layer hardens leaving behind a hardened surface that is capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

Suitable for truck movement

This flooring system masks tyre marks very well. Tyre spins, especially those from heavy earth-moving trucks, can leave behind ugly marks on your floor surface. Repairing such a surface is both costly and time-consuming.

Eco-friendly solution

This flooring method is desirable because it makes use of existing surfaces thus eliminating the need to introduce alien coatings that can cause damage to the environment. Carpets and tiles are not appropriate because they wear out frequently and are easily disposable.

Notable features of the super concrete system

• Lack of odor or harmful chemical emissions
• The product does not cause any allergies to users
• No dust emitted during installation of the floor
• No air pollution due to solvent evaporation

One key selling point of the super concrete is that it allows moisture to evaporate through its top layer thus limiting the chance of bacteria and fungi growth.

Easy and cheap to maintain

Super concrete floors are incredibly easy to maintain. You only need to sweep or dust using cleaning equipment such as pads, brushes and brooms. With such a floor you will rarely be in need of stripping and waxing services.

The installation process

First, you need to strip off the initial layer, and then proceed to fix any gaping holes or patches on the surface. Next, you need to Grind and inject hardening substance into the concrete. Finally, polish with Resibond diamond discs, seal and dry using a white pad.
For new concrete surfaces, you can follow the above procedure by using a coloured concrete of your choice.

How does this option stack up against other flooring systems?

Paint and wax coatings can deliver a sparkling surface, but their downside is that they are short-lived and require repainting every once in a while. All in all, super concrete systems are not only ideal but are economical in the long run.

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